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  1. An administrative division in some French- or Dutch-speaking countries



From stem of arrondissant with suffix -ment.



fr-noun m
  1. Arrondissement

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An arrondissement is an administrative division in some French or Dutch-speaking countries:


The 100 French departments are divided into 342 arrondissements, which may be translated into English as districts.
The capital of an arrondissement/district is called a subprefecture. When an arrondissement contains the prefecture (capital) of the department, that prefecture is the capital of the arrondissement, acting both as a prefecture and as a subprefecture.
Arrondissements are further divided into cantons and communes.

Municipal arrondissement

A municipal arrondissement (lang-fr arrondissement municipal, pronounced /aʀɔ̃dismɑ̃ mynisipal/), is a subdivision of the commune, used in the three largest cities: Paris, Lyon and Marseille. It functions as an even lower administrative division, with its own mayor. Although usually referred to simply as an "arrondissements", they should not be confused with departmental arrondissements, which are groupings of communes within one département.


The federalized country Belgium geographically consists of three regions, of which only Flanders (the Flemish region) and Wallonia (the Walloon region) are subdivided into five provinces each; the Brussels Capital Region is neither a province nor is it part of one.
The remainder of this chapter was unambiguously translated on 2006-05-22 from the Dutch language Wikipedia (last changed 2006-05-05):
In Belgium there are administrative, judicial and electoral arrondissements. These may or may not relate to identical geographical areas.


In the Netherlands an arrondissement is a judicial jurisdiction, comprising a number of communes.



In Quebec, the cities of Montreal, Quebec City, Saguenay, Longueuil, Sherbrooke, and the municipality of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge are divided into arrondissements (called boroughs in English).


Each of Haiti's ten departments is sub-divided into arrondissements.


Most nations which had been colonised by the French in Africa have retained the arrondissment administrative structure. These are normally subunits of a Department, and may contain or be coequal with Communes (towns). In Mali the arrondissment is a subunit of a Cercle, while in some places arrondissements are essentially subdistricts of large cities.
  • Each of Senegal's departments are subdivided into arrondissments. Dakar is further subdivided into arrondissements; see Arrondissements of Senegal.
  • Between 1962 and 2002, each of Niger's departments are subdivided into arrondissments; see Arrondissements of Niger: Since 2002 they have been renamed Departments (with the foremr Departments renamed Regions]].
  • Each of Mali's Cercles are subdivided into arrondissments; see Cercles of Mali for maps of arrondissments by Cercle.
  • Each of Benin's departments are subdivided into communes, which are in turn subdivided into arrondissments: they sit above villages in Benin's structure; see Communes of Benin for maps of communes by Department.
  • Each of Cameroon's departments are subdivided into arrondissments: they sit above subdistricts and communes in Cameroon's structure; see Departments of Cameroon for maps of arrondissments by Department.
  • Following a restructure in 2002, Chad retains arrondissments only in the city of N'Djamena, which is divided into 10 arrondissements.
  • The Republic of the Congo retains arrondissments only in the city of Brazzaville, which is divided into 7 arrondissements. See Administrative divisions of the Republic of the Congo.
  • Djibouti retains arrondissments only in the city of Djibouti City, which is divided into 6 arrondissements.
  • Morrocco's Cercles are subdivided into communes rurales, municipalities, communes urbaines, and arrondissements, depending on the classification of the community.
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